Monday, August 27, 2012

Colorado Wedding!

This weekend I went to Lyons, Colorado for Trent's sisters wedding. We were nestled in the foothill of the mountains and it was absolutely beautiful! I got there late Friday night so I didn't have too much down time, but we did get a chance to explore and go hiking Saturday morning before the wedding festivities. Trent's family is so much fun and I'm glad I got to spend time with everyone! Pretty sure we drank the bar dry :) Sorry for the low quality pics...I only had my iPhone so they weren't the best, but here's some of my favorite from the weekend!

There's elk behind us!

Nervous to jump....

Exactly why...Good thing it was only knee deep! The water was soo cold!

Thanks for the help :)

Got a picture!

Too pretty

The duckies

Hiking in the mountains

The photo booth

Everyone's glasses...a bedazzled clothes line pin clipped a piece of paper with everyone's name and table creative!

Trent was Afton's escort down the aisle...almost time to go!


Me and the bride! Only she can pull off a dress like fits her style/personality perfectly!

Wine and cheese :)

First dance!


He would not stop throwing Noah around

My love :)

Such a fun wedding. Thanks for all the special memories Afton and John, and CONGRATS!

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