Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to the Homeland

I went home for the first time in 4.5 months and was beyond excited to see my family! It was my brother's homecoming week so we had a lot of activities revolved around that. When I woke up Friday morning and walked outside, our house was TP' that moment I stopped and thought "holy crap, I feel old." It feels like just yesterday I was running around with my friends TP'ing all the boys houses - but no it was FIVE years ago. Here's a few pictures of (Gunnar & Kobe) the long weekend!

Hello Iowa

My old man Kobe

Kobe ran sprints around the pool barking at the vacuum the whole time 


The moment I realized I'm not getting any younger...

Homecoming parade

Brody and the football boys

Brody's #11...they won 47-12

Homecoming royalty

I have a collection of pictures of my feet in my favorite places

How sweet is this face?

Trying to get Kobe in the pool...he wasn't havin it

Sleepy boy from the pool

My handsome baby brothers

Sunday brunch with the family...

Cheesecake Factory with Tia...its our tradition :)

 Missing this little nugget already :(

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  1. Aw, lovely family pictures! Seems like a lovely time.
    You look amazing too :-)



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