Thursday, October 18, 2012

Melted Crayon Pumpkin!

Here's the steps:

You need crayons, glue, a blow-dryer and as I learned the hard way...a plastic fork, lighters and an extra set of hands!

Make sure you cover a large area with paper towels or newspaper...I ended up adding way more paper towels then this! Melted crayon was everywhere! Make sure you wear an old t-shirt as well. (I probably made this way messier then its supposed to be!)

Glue the crayons on the pumpkin. You can do this as you go or glue them on all at once.

It was also really easy to use a fork to hold the crayon in place and once it started melting we would use a lighter. The hair dryer made the wax fly everywhere!

Don't mind the mess...we turned it into a wine/pizza/craft night!


Other pumpkins we painted


  1. what a cool project! i wish i would have thought about the melted crayon on a pumpkin. i just cant seem to get my act together with decorating for fall/halloween

  2. these pumkins are amazing - i'm definitely going to make one this year! xxx

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  4. Cute! I'm doing this for sure. I think the glass of wine is definitely the key to success ;)

  5. This is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing xx

  6. Amazing idea! Thanks for share!

  7. very nice!!!! i love that idea...
    beautiful picture ^^
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  8. Such a cool idea. I love the blog name, so clever haha!

    Follow back?

  9. I love this idea! So different and unique for a pumpkin! I have done this on canvas before but I like this idea better. Thanks for sharing! xo

    go for the glam

  10. Who would have tot crayons cud create such colors? :)
    Brilliant attempt!

  11. Cute melted crayon and chevron pattern pumpkins! So unique!


  12. Super creative idea. I always wondered how realistic the blow dryer would be? The lighter looks a whole lot less messy! Totes agree, a little sparkle would look good on one of the others.


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