Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend with the Fam!

This weekend I went back to Iowa to spend some time with my family! The drive was long but was well worth it. I kept myself awake by blasting the Alanis Morissette Pandora station (90's flashback) and sang screamed along...every once in awhile I would turn down the music to hear myself sing and realized I am terrible and would turn it back up immediately. But seriously that station is bomb.

 I got to hang out with the cutest baby ever all weekend :) Its so fun to see how much Gunnar changes every time I see him.... now he laughs a lot, loves to play peek-a-boo, is mesmerized by music videos (Baby Vuvu and Gangnam Style), and he's getting so strong! I took a bunch of pictures on my phone and of course they look fuzzy. I think its time to invest in a camera! Besides hanging out with Gunnar all we did was EAT. Cookies, Panera (twice in 1 day), pizza, ice cream, Mexican food, banana caramel bread, chips and queso, and of course for the road trip I had to get Funyuns, Skittles, Nerds, and Laffy-Tafffy. Eating healthy starts today. For real.

I only took pictures of Gunnar...the rest of us were in sweats all weekend and definitely did not look as cute as him!


  1. How fun!! Family time is the best!

  2. Awww babies are the best. And every song on your phone are favs. Must check out that station.


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