Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the facts of me

One of my favorite bloggers, Whitney @ i wore yoga pants to work, is doing a ONE time only linkup - so of course I had to join! So here's the facts of me....I hope I don't bore you!

Meggan 101.

one. I dont eat pork, beef or any weird animal. However if you get me drunk and put a McDonalds cheeseburger in my face, I might take a bite....

two. I ask some pretty redic questions at times...but like my teachers said, no question is a dumb question. Plus I'm sure my dad loves getting random phone calls in the middle of the day from me "sooo is West Virginia a state? Or is is just west of Virginia?"

three. I'm obsessed with the worst celebrities (according to everyone but me) Paris Hilton, ALL the Kardashian's, Coco, Holly Madison...the list goes on. It's actually embarrassing how much I know about celebs. Sometimes I have to bite my tongue when people rattle off things I know arent true. Perezhilton.com is my bible. 

four. I ate my own poop once. Don't worry. I was a baby...in my moms tummy. It got stuck in my lungs which meant the docs had to get my out of there asap!

five. OCD. I am so OCD I drive myself insane sometimes. I will be almost asleep in bed and then remember I forgot to get my bag ready for work and have to get up and do it...because that would just be way to stressful to do in the morning. 

six. Everything tastes better with sriracha. A meal without it is sinful.

seven. Online shopping is my weakness...its just too easy.

eight. I'm a lush...I get drunk off two drinks, but I can drink all night long. Usually outlast my boyfriend. This leads too excessive singing, putting on too much lipstick and dancing like my limbs are jello. Its a pretty site let me tell ya.

nine. I'm a huge scaredy-cat. I dont know the last time I've watched a scary movie. I have to close my eyes and plug my ears during scary commercials. I still leap onto my bed so the scary man under it wont grab my feet. And when I'm home alone I have to check every floor to make sure there's no robber. Does anyone else have this problem? When will it end?

ten. I have the best friends in the whole world...we should have a reality TV show...actually no, we would be disowned from our families and lose our jobs. We have no limits. None. I wish I could share some stories but my grandma reads this. 

eleven. Whenever I go home to visit, people I don't know will start talking to me and then realize I'm not my mom. And when were together people often mistake us as sisters. I'm sure she loves this...

twelve. I buy too many shoes. 30 pairs in 2012...and I wonder where my money goes?

thirteen. In HS I was in a motorcycle accident. In the ER room the only thing I was worried about was what my hair looked like and letting my coach know I wouldnt be at track that day. Bloody legs and feet? No biggy. Oh and that they had to cut off my favorite Abercrombie and Fitch sweats off. Ugh that sucked.

fourteen. I have the WORST short-term memory. I cant even remember what I wore yesterday but I can remember when I was five years old I was too scared to go in my aunts room because the Goosebumps book with the green hand on the cover was sitting on her desk. 

fifteen. I have three dips on my upper lip. Its pretty strange.


  1. hahahaha i might have a comment for each of these.

    1. Also the night we lost the e-cig, but the burger was well worth it

    2. Some of my favs:
    "Is 70 degrees hot the same as 70 degrees cold?"
    "Who wants to go to autistic brunch?"
    "Does the dry cleaners fix jewelery" - 12 hours ago

    3. Did you see how dumb Paris looked last night on real housewives. Ugh. Meggan.

    4. Can't believe you actually included this

    5. X.A.N.E.X.

    6. true

    8. def should of posted the boji pic of you and the bruised chin

    11. "whats better for a baseball game? Coach? Or marc jacobs? Coach or marc jacobs.

  2. Fun! I want to do this :)

    Also, copy her code then go to your post.. in the left side of your posting area it'll say Compose and right next to it, click HTML. Paste the code in there! Then go back to Compose and see what it looks like. Hope I helped!

  3. Omg- we may be twins with #9...literally I check every floor, every room and closet before bed and I race up the stairs after I check just in case someome is behind me hahaha! I swear this will never end. When Chad is traveling for work, I lock myself and Sophia in my bedroom at. 8pm no joke! LOL

  4. As if you didn't have me at the name of your blog, you go throw out that you're a lush and you love all the same celebs as me.
    I can't get enough of you.

  5. Sriracha is the only hot sauce I acknowledge, I love to mix it with a little ranch and mix grilled chicken in it for my salads! Also fantastic on breakfast burritos.

  6. Not going to lie, I had to read #4 more than once to allow it to really set into my brain. Oh my God so funny.

    New Follower :)

  7. Love this!! haha we could probably be friends!

  8. I think that is a major feat, eat your own poop whilst in mother's belly. I did not know this was possible.

    And holy moly you and your mom ARE twins. That is unreal. You're going to age well lady, watch out boys!

  9. Love the post, was great getting to know more about you



  10. You are so right about online shopping, way to convienient!!




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