Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Confessions

that em and I thought the car was broke...we pulled over twice, restarted the car and had a mini panic attack in the middle of chicago...turns out we were putting it in gear not drive. duh.

I have a terrible case of drunk singing. terrible.

despite what everyone says, no bake oreo balls are not that easy to make...

...along with those adorable north pole cupcakes that look ever so cute on pinterest. see picture below.

boxed wine does not make you a good dancer. 

our plate of deviled eggs ended up in our neighbors plant on the did. that. happen.

that I cant stop watching this cute doggy via

I've consumed an obscene amount of cupcakes, chocolate pretzel rods, buffalo chicken dip, cookies, spinach dip, beer cheese dip, shrimp cocktail, cheese n crackers, and pizza. my stomach hates me. someone, please come eat the xmas party leftovers. 

apparently putting champagne in the freezer is not a good idea.

that we threw a pretty bomb "adult" party. pictures coming soon.

I could eat this whole tub of buffalo chicken dip. its amaze balls. always use rotisserie chicken, its key. 

fat sunday is the best kind of sunday.

I went a little glitter happy when decorating on saturday and now were livin like ke$ha.

I dont know if I can handle watching this memorial service. I am sick to my stomach. RIP to the Sandy Hook elementary victims. what a sad sad tragedy. 

not quite.


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