Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday confessions

going out for "just one drink" never happens. ever.

playing the penis game is still funny.

is rumchata a carb?

nude lipstick looks good in moderation...

drinking pink moscato and ordering a large pizza at 3am is completely necessary.

this was actually said at brunch "so if you're pregnant, you should only gain like 8 pounds, because the baby is only like 8 pounds."

cat nip is not for humans.

ive already started to shop for summer shoes, swim suits, and maxi dresses...too bad its only January 6. ugh.

passing out on the living room floor is never comfy.

my idea of working out is walking to the grocery store to get brownie mix.

spending $120 on Rumchata before 1:30 on a Saturday afternoon is normal...

so far I've failed with all my new years resolutions...
save money? see above. 
be classy. not quiet.
eat healthy? NOPE. 
dont drink like a man? fail.

Big & Littles is now a staple in my diet. its seriously like crack. if you havent been, you need to go. now.

I'm way way too excited about  Kimye's baby....can we fast forward to June?

our christmas decorations are still up...and probably will be for the next month.

like every Monday, healthy living starts tomorrow. hopefully this week goes better then the last!


  1. Way to knock out every resolution in one sitting- awesome statusssss.

  2. The first week of January doesn't really count, does it?! Lets start fresh Monday.

  3. Stopping by from Mingle Monday! This is exactly why I decided to make monthly goals this year -- I can't commit to sticking with anything (especially not drinking like a man) for more than 4 weeks.

  4. Found you off Mingle Monday, I have no idea what Rumchata is, I feel like I'm missing out??

  5. hahah this is so funny! love it! new follower! i am having issues with 2013 goals already too! :/


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