Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What's in my Make-up Bag?

Happy election day! Hope everyone gets to the polls and votes!

I've done a 'What's in my bag' post so I thought I would also show you guys whats in my make-up bag! You will see I have a major slight obsession with NARS...

Let me start with the blush...Orgasm, Outlaw, Gilda, Sex Appeal and Torrid...they are all great colors! In my opinion NARS makes some of the best quality blush, it blends well, has great color and it lasts all day. 

Orgasm - A shimmery peachy-pink...you do not need a lot as its very pigmented!

Outlaw - It's a medium-dark raspberry pink with a dusty golden shimmer. It seems like a shade that would work well on a variety of complexions.

Gilda - An orange-coral and a matte finish. It's my favorite out of them all!

Sex Appeal - A pale pink that really highlights your cheekbones! I usually mix this with the other colors.

Torrid - A warm coral that is less pigmented then Orgasm and Outlaw. It has flecks of gold shimmer but its hardly noticeable, only when it catches light. 

On my NARS blush wish-list...Love Joy, Exhibit A and Seashell pink!

I go back and fourth between NARS foundation and Maybelline Fit Me foundation. The pros are it has SPF 18, great coverage, it leaves a dewy finish and its inexpensive!

I usually don't wear eyeshadow everyday...I just swipe some MAC primer on and eyeliner (navy blue or black) but I do wear it when I go out. I love the Bobbi Brown smokey eye pallet! The NARS duo eyeshadow Alhambra is also great - Metallic Rose Mist / Golden Champagne. It really highlights your eyes and is long lasting!

I've tried a lot of mascara's but I always find myself coming back to Maybelline Great Lash. It's inexpensive, doesn't clump, separates lashes and lengthens. I think it works well for the price.

These are just some of my favorites/must-haves! What's in your make-up bag?


  1. Woah! Kinda jealous of your Nars collection. I'm pretty much obsessed with their Orgasm blush, but who isn't?

  2. Oh my gosh!! Your NARS collection is amazing!!

  3. Lovely colors! You have all of their collection:) but they have good products!


  4. love this whats in my make up back post!! and yes, you surely do love NARS! I so need to try out NARS make up products..


  5. Totally jealous of your makeup bag!!

  6. NARS blush is great! I love it. And your make up bag itself is so cute!

    xo Olivia
    go for the glam


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